Bulk Materials

See our price list below (we are in the process of updating it) for a full range of quality bulk materials by the cubic yard for your special projects and yard enhancement.  We can load your truck here or deliver directly to you.  Our delivery charges are based on load size and distance traveled, so please call the Garden Center (257-3000) to discuss  prices.

Helpful hints

-A full sized pick up can carry 2.5 cubic yards (CY) of mulch or ½ to ¾ cubic yards of topsoil.

-A small pick-up can carry 1.5 cubic yards of mulch or ¼ to ½ cubic yard of topsoil.

-To calculate how much bulk material you may need, use this formula:

Length x width x depth = volume

Note: all units of measure — usually it’s feet — must be the same.  There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard.  Therefore, once you calculate the volume of cubic feet that you need, then divide this number by 27 to get cubic yards.  We sell bulk material by the cubic yard (CY).

So… measure the length, width and depth that you would like to cover.  Measure these dimensions in feet.  For example, let’s say you want to fill a raised bed with topsoil.  Your bed is 10 feet by 12 feet, and you want 3 inches of topsoil.  Change the 3 inches to feet, which would be 3/12 of a foot or .25 feet.  Now multiply the three numbers:  10ft x 12ft x .25ft = 30 cubic feet.  Then divide your cubic feet by 27 cubic per cubic yard: 30 divided by 27 =1.111 cubic yards.  Did you get stuck?  Give us a call.

For curved areas: envision the area as if the boundaries were straight lines and make an educated guess.

Note: The minimum charge for loaded bulk materials is $20.  We will load up any amount of bulk materials, but if the volume is less than 1 cy, we need to charge a loadup fee of $10.

Note: Stone Products include fine crushed stone (stone dust, extra fine crusher run, fine crusher run, #1 stone and #2 stone); gravel (concrete sand (Builders’ sand), #1 and #2 gravel); and granite (small and cobble-sized Catskill Pink).

BOULDERS: We also have Catskill Boulders and they range in price from $175 to $500.

SOD: Call the Garden Center availability; we can also add your name to our special order list.