Earth-Friendly Products

Earth Friendly Products

The garden center offers a wide selection of low-impact and organic or OMRI listed products that enrich your soil and help you solve pest and disease problems.  Products that we carry include the following:

Safers Insecticidal Soap– good for soft bodied insect control. OMRI listed.

Sulphur Disease Control– helps combat fungal disease.

Thuricide – controls caterpillar type insects biologically with a parasitic bacteria.

Pyrethrins – Although often man-made the pyrethrin type incescticides are lower impact on the environment.

Neem oil– Proven effective on mites, insects and fungus, a natural extract of the African Neem tree.

Mite X– A natural miticide which uses Clove, Garlic and other disruptive oils.

Diatomaceous Earth– Very effective against ants and other insects.  Wears down an insects protective outer layer causing desiccation.

Serenade Disease Control– OMRI listed fungicide that inhibits fungal cell growth by puncturing the cell membrane.

Captain Jacks Dead Bug– Contains a bacteria strain that kills insects.

Sluggo– OMRI listed iron phosphate pellets attract and kill slugs with amazing effectiveness.

Corn Gluten– Natural weed killer that burns and kills weeds.

TLC Compost– locally produced and OMRI listed composted cow manure.

Hot Pepper Wax– Uses capsaisin from the pepper plant to kill insects.

Espoma Fertilizers– A wide variety of different soil amendments and nutrients derived from organic and natural mineral souces.

Deer Solutions– Uses natural ingredients to repel deer yet smells like cinnamon.

Bobbex– Natural deer repellent ingredients and employs a pine sap based adherent.

Natures Defense– Repels rabbits, voles and a host of other small mammals using every ingredient from garlic to white pepper oil.

Barley Bales– Given time are extremely effective against algae in ponds.

Chickee DooDoo– OMRI listed composted chicken manure.

Jobes Organic Tree and Shrub Spikes– OMRI listed fertilizer spikes.

Neptunes Fish and Seaweed Fertilizer– An excellent source or macro and micro plant nutrients that strengthen plants

Horticultural Oil– helps kill soft bodied insects and egg masses.

Organic Potting Soils– Various brands using certified organic ingredients.