Our Guarantee

Hello Cayuga Landscape Customers!  Please look at our guarantee, and if you have questions, please call us at 257-3000.

IF WE DO THE PLANTING the plant is guaranteed for one full year.
IF THE PLANT IS PLANTED BY THE CUSTOMER it is guaranteed through the end of the year.  Please follow correct planting instructions and care, and if you’re not sure, call us!

Plants are guaranteed to grow, be true to name, healthy and free of disease and insects at the time of purchase. Plants, being living things, can vary in their response to environmental conditions. Occasionally a plant may suffer transplant shock even when everything is done properly. We will guarantee trees and shrubs that have died despite your best efforts, within the guarantee period.

  • **Please save your receipts. We require it for the guarantee.
  • **It is very easy for a new plant to die from lack of water. We will be reluctant to guarantee against this type of loss.
  • **We do not guarantee against deer damage or other types of physical injury. Some semi hardy and zone 6 plants are not guaranteed. Also; Azaleas, Roses, Perennials, Annuals, and Clematis are not guaranteed.

Of course we prefer that you have success with your new plants and, excepting plants that have died due to lack of water, we will be glad to:

  • Replace with the same plant, if available
  • Allow credit in the amount paid to be used toward another purchase.
  • Refund the amount paid within 15 days