Our Landscaping Office works on Residential Designs and Commercial Bids.

Residential Design

By choosing to work with Cayuga Landscape Company, you have made a decision to work with a reputable and responsible company that stands behind its plants and workmanship.  Cayuga Landscape Company’s designers are qualified, imaginative  and ready to help you envision your particular outdoor design.   We offer several options:

  • Designer consultation at your home for a fee which entails a study of your site, recommendations and a written report; if you decide to have CLC do your work, part or all of this fee is waived.
  • Designer consultation at CLC; bring your ideas and photos, but please call ahead (257-3000) to make sure a designer is available.
  • Horticulturist consultation at CLC; bring your ideas and photos and a  horticulturist can suggest plants and arrangements that would be best suited to your particular outdoor area.  Please call ahead to make sure a horticulturist is available.

Commercial Bids

We are interested in all commercial bids within a 30-mile radius of Ithaca.

For more information, contact our Estimating Department at or call 607-257-3000 and ask for Pat Dutt.