Staff Portrait

Our highly qualified staff is here to help you.

Our fearless leader describing the attributes of junipers

Many have been working in the landscaping and horticulture business for years, and can answer just about any  question that you may have about plants, designs, patios, and various cleanups. 



  • David Fernandez,, President and Company Owner, 44 years experience, Cornell degree in Landscape Architecture; extension 223.
  • Chris Gruber, Landscape Designer/Estimator, Masters, Landscape Architecture, Cornell University, 2010, CNLP, 11 years experience; strengths include designing plantings, and working with woody plants, trees and shrubs,  and turfs; extension 234.
  • Heather Lambert, hlambert@cayugalandscape, Landscape Designer/Estimator, Masters, Landscape Architecture, Cornell University, extension 224
  • Pat Dutt:, Estimator, Website caretaker, Program Administrator,  CNLP,  permaculturist, electric bicyclist (commutes 20 m/day), B.A. Colgate U., M.S. Geosciences, University of Houston; extension 226.


Garden Center/Nursery:

  • Barb Nobles, 35 years of experience, knowledge and experience with cut flowers, florists, produce (fruits & vegetables), and water gardening.
  • Hilary Lukas, Environmental Studies, Wells; knowledgeable in viticulture, vegetable farming, and produce agriculture.
  • Seth C, graduate ESF Syracuse, 2009, chemistry, many specialties — we love him!

Landscapers: Crew Foremen

  • Doug Bennett,, CNLP, ICPN graduate  Hardscape Manager, 25 years experience, extension 231.
  • Bill Thomas,, Maintenance Manager, licensed NYS Pesticide Applicator, 20 years experience.
  • Jerry Chiszar,  30 years planting and other landscape experience.
  • Rod Quarella, stone mason, 30 years experience.

Our landscape crew attends weekly educational sessions conducted by David and thus, many are able to identify plants.  They can suggest practical ways to minimize deer damage.  They will alert homeowners if they find diseased plants or invasive plants.  Topics of the weekly educational session include plant identification,

He loves to go to work everyday!

Nate looks forward to challenging work everyday ….  there is never a dull moment!

safety, efficiency, customer service, how to protect your plants from varmints, how to evaluate the emerald ash borer pest, the basics of hardscaping, and other intriguing topics.  Crew members attend training every spring sponsored by the Southern Tier Nursery and Landscape Association and can  recognize  infestations of the Emerald Ash Borer, the Asian Longhorn Beetle and  Hemlock Wooly Adelgid.


If you see this individual passing by in one of our vehicles or wielding one of our high-powered chainsaws, please contact Cayuga Landscape at once!



Although Cayuga Landscape employees are multi-talented and have skills that many living in the wilds of Tompkins County  could never imagine, we are on the lookout for this renegade toothless Cayuga Landscape employee (see photo) who was caught sawing the logs when s/he should have been at work.






Business Office:

  • Kathy Bates, Brown University,,  Accounts Receivable and Payable, Business Office, Office Manager , and making us tow the line; extension 221.
  • Diana Tubman, Office Worker, RIT grad
  • Sarah Work,  Cornell University BS great wealth of technical knowledge (she got our POS system online– yeah!) and plant knowledge, CNLP,