Seasonal Letter

April 2, 2020

Spring Greetings!

Today, I saw four huge birds flying towards me over the dun fields and gray skies that lead down to the lake cliffs from my office here in Lansing.  Soon I could see that they were Great Blue Herons, in pairs, solemnly flapping their way to their rookery.  Other ancient spring rituals were also playing out in the nearby hedgerow of wild plum and buckthorn. The first Eastern Phoebe had just returned and was darting off its twig to snare early flying insects. Male Wild Turkeys gobbled in a clearing under the old Oak grove. And Spring Peepers were croaking intermittently in the small pond where Molly Butler’s ponies used to drink, years ago.  Along the hedgerow, delicate blue Squills and pale pink Hellebores have been blooming for a week or two. Spring is tentatively pushing forward.

Here at Cayuga Landscape our spring startup has been rather tentative as well, as we interpret the executive orders and guidance from New York State to see what services we may offer to our clients during the Covid-19 crisis. That guidance has changed every day or two. As of noon today, we cannot perform horticultural installations such as plantings.  However, we are fully authorized to perform landscape maintenance, such as spring cleanups and lawn mowing or fertilization.  On Friday, March 27th, all New York State construction projects were put on hold with the new guidance. Exceptions include construction or repair work that is done by a single individual, work that is done for an emergency repair, or work for an essential infrastructure installation.  Our shop is closed to visitors, but we allow browsing so long as social distance rules are observed. Kass Kerns, our sole Garden Center staff person, can arrange for deliveries or pickups of mulch or garden tools or other products.  All our workers are trained in appropriate safety protocol.  Each worker drives a unique vehicle and knows to stay more than the required six-foot social distance from anyone he or she encounters.

Please return the enclosed Spring Service Request or simply phone in or email a description of your request.  We use our records from previous spring seasons to instruct our crews.  We appreciate your past business and hope that we may continue to provide efficient, professional landscape services for your home, despite these unusual and difficult circumstances.


David Fernandez

Cell: (607) 327-0243