Seasonal Letter

October 22, 2017


On this balmy Sunday afternoon at our Bundy Road Tree Farm, the rows of Autumn Blaze Maples are a vivid vermilion and the hedgerow Hickories are a gleaming gold. Our native Grey Dogwood shrubs, in rich purples, enliven the field edges in long loose mounds.  A grove of Sassafras trees glows coppery orange in the sun and the Red Oaks, always late to turn, are just showing their first deep red hues.   Early season colors were muted but now a cascade of vivid fall color begins.

Despite the warmth that seemed to never cease, winter is coming and it’s time to protect and care for our gardens.  Perennials are to be clipped back and trees and shrubs properly pruned.  Some beds must be fertilized and mulched before the deep freeze ahead.  Tree trunk guards and fencing should be installed to protect our investment in plants from browsing by deer and rabbits.  And now is the last chance to plant Dutch flower bulbs, such as Crocus, Daffodil, Tulip, Hyancinth, and Allium in order to have a spectacular spring show.

Please return the enclosed Fall Checklist, or let us know by email or phone that you would like us to take care of your property as we have in the past. If you use the checklist, please add your preferred phone number, email address, and any special instructions. Also, let us know your preference for leaf disposal: on-site compost piles, curbside pickup, or Cayuga Landscape haul-away.  We look forward to leaving you with a tidy and well-protected landscape, safe from animal marauders and winter weather.  Thank you for your business!


David Fernandez,


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