Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Am I able to enter the store and look around?

A: Due to COVID-19, we are not allowing people inside the store. You are more than welcome to browse the grounds and select plants. Once you have made your selection, please ring the bell at the front of the store, and one of our garden center staff will ring you up outside.

Q: Are you accepting cash?

A: Due to COVID-19, our office is operating at half-staff, and we are unable to make change. We can accept exact cash; however, we cannot give you change.

Q: Do you sell houseplants?

A: Yes, we do! We have a wide selection; however, due to COVID-19, we do have rules that we ask you kindly follow:

  • Only one person inside at a time
  • Please stay within the designated path
  • Please wear a face covering
  • If you decide to make a purchase, we will ring you up outside of the store

Q: When does your sale end?

A: Our sales run Thursday to Wednesday. A new sale begins every Thursday, and the last day for the previous sale is Wednesday.

Q: Do you sell water plants?

A: Yes, we do sell water plants, but it is best to call and check for availability.

Q: Do you do onsite load ups?

A: Yes, we are able to load up the bed of your pick-up truck or your trailer in our bulk area. We use a Bobcat, which we have varying sized buckets, to conveniently load you up.

Q: Can I pay for plants over the phone and pick them up?

A: Yes, you are able to pay for plants over the phone. It is best, and we highly recommend, you pick the plants out yourself, as we may pick one out that is not to your liking.

Q: Can I pay for bulk material over the phone and schedule a delivery?

A: Yes, you are able to pay for bulk material over the phone and schedule a delivery. We will have to check our delivery schedule to see when the next available day and time is.

Q: Can you hold plants for me?

A: Yes, we are able to hold plants for 24 hours. We are able to grant an exception for extenuating circumstances.

Q: Are you able to plant the trees I purchase?

A: Yes, we do plant trees that you have purchased. There is a minimum planting fee of $100, otherwise the cost of the planting is the cost of the tree itself. For instance, if your total is $90 and you would like us to plant your items, the cost of the planting is $100. If you purchase a tree for $329 and would like us to plant it, the cost of the planting is $329. This includes the plant(s) being fertilized, mulched, watered, and guaranteed for a year from the day it is planted.

Q: What are good deer resistant plants?

A: Please refer to our Deer Resistant Plants list.

Q: How do I arrange for landscape work to be done at my house?

A: It is best if you give us a call at (607) 257-3000, where we will connect you with one of our designers/estimators. If they are not available when you call, we can forward you to their voicemail where they will give you a call ASAP. Alternatively, you can email one of our designers/estimators. Please visit our Staff Portrait section for contact information.

Q: How often do I have to water my newly planted plants?

A: We have an easy to remember adage when it comes to watering: “Once a day for the first week; once a week for the first month; once a month for the first year”. This will have to be adjusted in accordance with the weather, i.e. you may have to water twice a day/week during late spring and early summer plantings. We do have a physical watering guideline at the garden center available on request.